Minecraft Crafting

Minecraft Crafting

Markus Persson, founder and owner of Mojang AB, was influenced by the game Infiniminer to create the wildly popular Minecraft. It is a sandbox construction game in which players create and destroy different types of blocks in a three dimensional setting. The user plays in first person and can demolish or construct blocks and make incredible designs, structures and artwork traversing the different multiplayer servers in a wide variety of game modes. Minecraft crafting is the way in which resources are combined to create new items.

Minecraft is currently in Beta, version 1.6.  Both Beta single player and Beta multi-player can be played using the owner’s web browser or by downloading the client. Also available is Minecraft Classic mode which can be played for free. Minecraft development began about May 10, 2009 and acceptance of pre-orders for the game started to pour in on June 13, 2009. The official date of release, however, is to be the 11th of November 2011.

Minecraft has recently been highly praised for being one of the most innovative games that have come into existence in many years. Each world is randomly generated from hundreds, if not thousands if cubes. Each cube is uniquely constructed and range from dirt blocks to solid rock and lava blocks. You select what you want to play. Either you spend your time mining coal or building great castles.

In Minecraft the first night is always the worst, so here are some basic tips for surviving the first night:

During the night various bad guys and monsters emerge and attempt to kill you. Skeletons can shoot arrows from what appears to be miles away, zombies lurk in corners waiting to leap unexpectedly on the player and spiders leap from above and pursue the player for miles.

You should devote your first Minecraft day collecting sufficient raw materials to last throughout the night. Begin by storing wooden logs to craft sticks and planks then mine for coal and rocks to make torches and picks. A crafted stone sword will aid in defending you from stray monsters that unexpectedly penetrate your defenses. Also, construct a small structure to conceal yourself should you be surrounded by monsters.

You should, by now, have acquired enough materials to last through the next 10 minutes of the game. Nights are often used by people excavate additional stone resources or to go and explore mine systems and caves. Attempting to venture into the wild the first few nights before you become familiar with the game often leads to annoying and unexpected deaths. Stepping out on the first night may cause a creeper to jump from a roof and explode on you head resulting in instant death and destruction of your home.

The second night is usually much easier. You’ll fond that the more you play, the more ammunition you’ll have to combat the monsters.
It’s absolute fun; and before you know it you’ll be hooked.

Here is an example of a crafting recipe. This is arguably the most important crafting recipe in the game. Here is how to craft a workbench:

Minecraft Crafting has an updated, complete list of Minecraft crafting recipes.